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Lost Lake
Stripped Bass 

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Please fill out the information below to make an order. It's easy, find your fish below, then go to the size chart, choose your specie letter code, then enter your length of fish in inches and the preparation code last. Order # example. SB28UA, LMB22P, KS42A We will contact you soon to confirm and finish placing your order
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Order Form Chart

Example1. SB28UA this number indicts: ​
Stripped Bass 28inches un-assembled​

Example2. LMB22P this number indicts:
Largemouth Bass 22inches Painted​

​​Specie Codes:
​​​​​​​​​SB=   Stripped Bass
LMB= Large Mouth Bass​​​
BG=   Blue Gill
CR=   Crappie​
KS=    King Salmon
ST=    Steelhead
RT=    Rainbow Trout
BT=    Brook Trout
BRT​​​= Brown Trout
NP=    Northern Pike
MU=   Muskie
CTF=  Cat Fish​​​
WYE= Walleye​
​​​CZ=    Cabezon
​​LGC= LingCod
RCB= Rock Bass​
SF=   Sail Fish / Blue Marlin​
Code: SB
Preparation Codes:
UA= Un-Assembled
A= Assembled
P= Painted​​​
Largemouth Bass
Code: LMB
Code: BG
Blue Gill
Code: CR
Code: KS
King Salmon
Code: ST
Rainbow Trout
Code: RT
Code: BT
Brooke Trout
We made it easy for you! Scroll down, find your mount, enter the order code and submit.
Code: BRT
Brown Trout
Code: NP
Northern Pike
Code: MU
Code: CTF
Code: WYE
Below you may choose your replica mount and whether or not you want it Assembled, Un-Assembled or Painted 
Code: CZ
Code: LGC
Code: VRM
Code: RCB
Rock Bass
Code: SF
Sail Fish / Blue Marlin