Santa Margarita Lake Record Largemouth Bass Caught by, Kenny Sims: 13.47 lbs.
California Male Sheepshead 15 lbs.
Oregon State Steelhead 14.5 lbs.
Naciemento Lake Kentucky spotted Bass 3 lbs.
Largemouth Bass Skeleton (These are Great For Museum Displays)
California Ling Cod 38 lbs. 49"
Lost Lake
Santa Margarita Lake Largemouth Bass 12.5 lbs.
Fish Mounts
Lost Lake Taxidermy takes pride in our fish mounts. We guarantee your fish specie and size will look as real as the day you caught it. For those of you who are just looking for a display replica fish mount for your office, cabin, home, shop etc. Check out our Choose Your Mount Section! We can create whatever you want 530.778.3889
Alaska King Salmon 28 lbs.
24" Brown Trout / Before and After Artificial Water Base Splash Mount
40 lb. King Salmon from the Sacramento River
California's Coastal Steelhead 16 lbs.
Rainbow Trout from Bishop 8 lb. 24"